Welcome to Horizon Bluffs

LaMancha Dairy Goats


We own a small herd of

Registered LaMancha Dairy Goats

registered with American Dairy Goat Association

on the Northern terrain of Ohio's hills,

having come from the Southern bluffs

of Cheyenne Wyoming.

We breed for quality animals

with well attached mammary systems,
excellent milk production,
and an overall strong animal with longevity.

Horizon Bluffs

keeps a CAE, CL and Johnes disease free herd
and strives to maintain healthy, happy animals.
Our herd is tested annually for CAE disease.
In 2018 all goats were tested for Johnes and CL disease and came back NEGATIVE.

All our goats' 2020 test results

have come back NEGATIVE!!

CAE Report of 2020
CAE Report of 2020

From a friendly back-yard pet,

to a grand champion milker,

these irresistible goats can be yours!

Thank you for visiting our site!

Feel free to contact us with any

questions or inquiries.


The Craig Bauman Family

Dorothy Bauman - Herd Manager

Shreve, Ohio USA

Phone - 330.462.3070

"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

Matthew 6:33


How BIG is your GOD?



I purchased your old herd sire Danelli last summer and I couldn't be more pleased with his performance. Wide, strong, straight legged kids across the board. 3 bucks and 12 does so far. WOW! Thank you so much he's a dream and has a grand personalty very gentle.  ~Christina, PA

I found your website through this photo.. Is this Ebony Abby? When I saw her I said " Hallelujah" ! This is what I am looking for. What a beauty! And I love your website just stunning. It is very good to see people Honor the Lord.
We are in Idaho. And I am looking for a doe to start a small herd, like yours. i admire your goats very much.

I just adore this Doe....The photo is excellent!  ~Darlene, ID

Your site and the pictures in it is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed and learned a lot. I don't know, why did it... it's good.  ~Tanya, VA

I really like the exposure to truth you have on your site. God bless you for that!  ~Sheila, OH

...I just really like the look of your herd and udders, and I'm willing to wait and see what happens and what you have leftover at the end of the season. I'd be happy with does out of any of your does. I like that you breed from show lines, but they get to live the homestead life and not just stand in a stall in front of a hay rack their whole lives getting fat for showing...  ~Natalie, PA

You have a really nice herd!  ~Jen


We would love to hear from you!

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